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From Forest to Dublin via Germany with Roslyn Fuller

Nineteen year old Roslyn Fuller took her earnings from her after school job in Forest, Ontario, moved to Germany and has never looked back. Her journey included studying and practicing law, writing a book, and working as a photo model. On Thursday, September 13th Fuller returns home for a book reading and signing at the Sarnia Library.

While studying law and preparing for the German Bar Exam, Fuller found time to write her first book, a science fiction novel, IZAK. The book reflects her interest in law and politics, particularly the area of human rights, and discusses the causes and effects of terrorism – transferred to a world of the future. Two very different characters, one a terrorist, the other a bureaucrat, encounter each other. One character is ruthless yet likeable, the other is distant yet thoughtful. Fuller will read from this novel, and sign copies of the book on Thursday, September 13th at 7pm in the Sarnia Library’s West Room.

Admission is free; however, please call the Reference Department at 519 337-3291 to register in advance.

Fuller currently works as a lawyer specializing in International Law and she continues to work on her doctorate at Trinity College, Dublin. Fuller is now writing a second book, Frustration of a Line.

For more information about Roslyn check our her website:
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